The Petrillo winery is nestled in the picturesque town of Pietradefusi, within the esteemed Irpinia D.O.C. and D.O.C.G., a haven dedicated to viticulture due to its distinctive environmental and geographical features. The combination of layered marls and clay, ideal for cultivating Aglianico grapes, blends seamlessly with mineral-rich tuffaceous soils, perfect for the Greco grape, and looser, humus-rich soils that embrace the Fiano grape.

Situated at an optimal altitude of 400 to 600 meters, the Petrillo winery enjoys a privileged location within a temperate and breezy microclimate, characterized by significant temperature variations during the harvest season. This exceptional environment, coupled with meticulous vineyard management, yields grapes of extraordinary quality, harvested at their peak ripeness.

The winemaking process at the Petrillo winery is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Only the finest bunches, carefully handpicked during the late harvest, are selected for vinification, without the addition of other grapes or blending musts that could compromise their aromatic complexity. The gentle extrusion pressing method showcases a true reverence for the grapes, preserving the integrity of the skins and extracting the freshest and most delicate floral notes.

During cryomaceration, accompanied by controlled fermentation, the wines' aromatic bouquet blossoms in all its splendor. Fermentation is meticulously monitored to ensure a slow and velvety process, preserving every nuance of flavor and aroma. The wines then undergo a phase of static stabilization and clarification, naturally removing tartaric sediments through cooling to temperatures as low as -6°C. It is during the aging process that these exceptional wines reach their pinnacle of perfection, revealing their full value and flavor.

Aged in fine oak Tonneaux or smaller barriques, under constant temperature and humidity conditions, Petrillo wines develop a unique complexity and structure. They are cherished and nurtured like works of art, evolving over time until they achieve their ultimate expression.